The Leader Within

Discover your natural inspirational leadership style through a life-changing programme of learning, development and experience.

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

Those are the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, often regarded as America’s first motivational speaker. They also perfectly sum up the reason why anyone with the talent or desire to lead should sign up for The Leader Within.

This inspirational and highly effective programme, which takes place in short modules over a period of 18 months, is designed not only to provide leaders, and prospective leaders, with the knowledge, skills and understanding to harness their natural skills, but also to challenge them to achieve a level of leadership that effectively guides, motivates and inspires others.

An overview of The Leader Within

Our highly successful, The Leader Within programme comprises 11 modules, scheduled approximately 6 to 8 weeks apart. All modules are facilitated by highly experienced and professional leadership training facilitators and progress is monitored and evaluated throughout the programme. Using a variety of methodologies, from experiential learning, case studies and role playing to theory, group work, games and videos, the material is presented in a meaningful and highly memorable format.

The individual modules comprising The Leader Within are as follows:

Module 1: Emotional intelligence

This 2-day workshop provides a clear understanding of the concept of Emotional Intelligence and how it differs from IQ. You will examine and come to understand your own emotional patterns and value systems and, by comparing these to the people around you, become an empathetic, intuitive and effective leader.

Module 2: Leadership now

An intensive 2-day workshop that examines the concept of leadership and how it compares to the concept of management. You will investigate the various types of leadership philosophies, and discover how to develop your own.

Module 3: Interpersonal skills

A hands-on 2-day workshop that imparts the practical skills, tools and techniques for effective interaction with others. You will discover how to use listening skills, empathy, probing techniques, the giving and receiving of feedback, to maximize your effectiveness as a leader.

Module 4: Assertiveness

This 2-day session is aimed at reflecting on how you express yourself and unlocking more effective ways to do so. You will explore the various character traits that can hinder assertive interaction, such as reservedness, aggression, anipulation and passive-aggression and learn how to deal with these effectively - both in yourself and in others.

Module 5: Facilitation skills

A comprehensive, 3-day, workshop experience designed to give you the theory, techniques and experience to effectively and confidently facilitate any group process.

Module 6: Coaching and mentoring skills

A 2-day workshop that explores the concepts of coaching and mentoring, and the roles of coach, mentor and learner. Should you find yourself in a team leader situation, the knowledge gained from this module will enable you to effectively coach and mentor team members in order for them to grow and develop for themselves, and as part of the team.

Module 7: Managing conflict

During this module, you will be challenged to explore your own conflict style and develop a practical and effective way to resolve conflicts in future.

Module 8: Partnering for performance

This 2-day skills based workshop explores ways in which you can holistically manage the performance of those who report to you - from initial contracting of performance to consequence management for poor performance or unacceptable behaviour.

Module 9: Team development

A 2-day, 2 night ‘live-in’ workshop that lets you really get to grips with group dynamics, and explore roles in groups, power issues, how to motivate colleagues, the power of vision, and a variety of other dynamics that play a role in team effectiveness.

Module 10: Managing change and diversity

A 3-day experiential workshop that explores the process of managing change within your work and personal environment. You will gain the insight and skills needed to effectively manage change and explore key issues around managing cultural diversity and transformation.

Module 11: Projects

On completion of all 10 modules, you will be tasked with a formal, work-related project aimed at assessing the skills and insights you have gained and testing your ability to implement your new leadership abilities in the actual workplace. This project is formally assessed by the facilitators and some of your line managers and you will be given comprehensive feedback upon completion.

In addition to the modules, delegates on The Leader Within will be expected to complete a mid year assessment, homework assignments and do extensive reading and self study exercises. All delegates will be required to attend ad hoc Master Classes when these are made available, and attendance at a monthly team leader-driven learning session is compulsory.

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Why companies value our The Leader Within programme

Leadership Development is a strategic imperative for any forward thinking organisation, and The Leader Within not only assists companies in identifying and assessing the leadership skills of likely successors for management positions, it also helps organisations to harness the raw abilities of these individuals and add them to the talent pool of leaders within the organisation.

In addition to being a valuable tool in succession planning, The Leader Within ensures that current and future leaders have the necessary competencies, backed by a clear understanding of what it is to truly lead. And when a business has real leaders, who are also visionaries, it cannot but succeed.

Most importantly, the learning gained through The Leader Within enables leaders to become mentors, making leadership development a natural cycle for sustainable business effectiveness.

Who it’s aimed at?

Anyone with a desire to lead can benefit from The Leader Within, but the programme has proven particularly beneficial to team - and group leaders, supervisors, and line managers - or people about to enter these roles in any area of business.

Who can sign up?

If you have at least 2 to 3 people reporting to you in the workplace, or you are about to step into such a position of leadership, The Leader Within is perfect for you. In addition, you should demonstrate a clear desire to be a leader and be willing to learn and grow as an individual and a leader.

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