Gavin and I have been working together for over a year now, first as the GM of KrugerPark.Com, and now more recently as the co-owner and COO of African Safari Group. It feels like whenever Gavin and myself get together for that hour we make some kind of mini break-through. Gavin has been incredibly helpful in assisting me over the last year with self-discovery, psychological well-being and non-fear based career choices. Thanks Gavin!

Dominic Meulemans
Chief Operating Officer
African Safari Group

First and foremost, my deepest gratitude and huge thanks to you for coaching me and for all your encouragement in writing this report and looking back at the coaching objectives and topics that were set, it is so inspiring to be able to measure the growth in my confidence and assertiveness since our coaching sessions. I really enjoyed all of our sessions, and felt empowered and positive after each one of them thank you for your clear and direct approach and for guiding me through identified challenges, and for identifying the role that I play and taking responsibility for shortcomings on my part.

With very best wishes.

Carol Wilde
Group Marketing Manager
Vineyard Hotel

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