At GCA we conduct a number of different team interventions based on the following principles:

  • Focusing on client specific needs
  • Experiential learning – learning by doing (exercises, discussions, games etc)
  • Challenging the group and encouraging risk taking
  • Ensuring physical and emotional safety
  • Respecting difference in the group
  • Having fun

At GCA we believe in a process of team development. Teambuilding is not about an event, it’s a process of taking the team from being a pseudo community to being a real community over a period of time.

Successful World Cup teams, to use a sports analogy, are not built in one season. To build trust takes time and the building of learnings from one experience to the next, both away from the office and in the office. GCA also coaches leaders to do various activities at the office to follow up on the excitement of the events to ensure that the motivation, inspiration and morale are maintained at all times.

Products available:

Customised Interventions

Other teambuilding exercises and games which are more indoor or semi -outdoor can be discussed and are designed to achieve the following:

  • Build trust
  • Help staff to get to know each other better
  • Build common goals
  • Work on values as a team/business unit or organisation
  • Create cohesiveness as a team
  • Find role clarity amongst a team/group
  • Work through emotions/tough experience
  • Conflict resolution
  • Test leadership
  • Client Focus
  • Improve productivity, creativity and motivation
  • To have fun, and much more
  • Our 14 point Team Effectiveness Survey checks on theHealth of the team and can be used to identify where to start with team development

Amazing Race

A full day programme in and around your city of choice where 1, 2 or 3 teams of a maximum of 8 use mini -buses to reach a final destination. Enroute they use clues to find landmarks, answer questions, and perform specific exciting tasks to score points. This format tests amongst others competencies of leadership, problem - solving, creativity, planning, communication, risk-taking, timemanagement, and conflict management.

Mini-buses are stocked with drinks, and snacks to keep delegates refreshed. This format has been extremely well received and is in huge demand!

Wilderness Adventures

Treasure hunts are set up at Clara Anna Fontein (Game Reserve in Durbanville), Monkey Valley (Noordhoek), Constantia Nek, Kirstenbosch Gardens and near Giloolys Farm Johannesburg. This is an outdoor experiential exercise which challenges teams using cryptic clues, and performing tasks whilst enjoying the stunning outdoor environment. Wilderness Adventures can be set up at any venue – it takes approximately a day to design.


We cater for clients who have requested that we take them on challenging hikes to test their team cohesiveness with exercises and tasks included. Clients who appreciate the importance of getting their staff out into nature and appreciating the beauty of this wonderful country of ours.

Naked Chef

This is a team development exercise with a difference. It is a cooking competition where amongst other competencies, culinary, planning, and creative and teamwork skills are tested. We have a few select venues available that we utilise for this exercise. Why not try it – we know you’ll enjoy the rewards!!


Diversity Day

The object of this event is to create an awareness and insight into differences; different cultures, ways of being, religions, customs etc.

Your team will be divided into a set of logical groupings according to the above categories. The groups will prepare:

  • Customs
  • Dress
  • Food
  • Décor
  • Music etc which they will provide on the day

The facilitators will facilitate the learnings and hold discussions on:

  • Learnings
  • Insights
  • Impacts on daily life at work and home

Team Olympics

Team Olympics, a Half Day programme of at least 2 teams of no more than 8 in a team competing for prizes while doing a variety of indoor and outdoor activities which test:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

The games require no fitness whatsoever and lots of fun is had in trying to outwit the opposition for exciting prizes. Teams are colour coded and come prepared with funky names.
The teams are kept busy and the pace can be quick and upbeat with lots of music and refreshments in the background.
This format is the most popular at present with clients from Nedbank and Colourworks having recently enjoyed their outings - references on request.

Delegate feedback

I was amazed that you could take our requirements and turn it into something that fitted exactly into what we wanted. That was great and I think the overall objective was achieved.

This was an excellent way to lift out and highlight areas of blockage within our team (all in a non- threatening or us and them environment).

Fun and relaxing. Learnt a bit more about some of my colleagues on a personal level.

You guys are great. Don't know how you think up some of these clues and tasks. Thanks for a great 2 days.

Very professionally facilitated. Presented in a fun and effective way. Absolutely wonderful!! Created a very safe space to share our thoughts and enjoyed the facilitators' easy manner.


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More references can be provided on request

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