Life and Executive Coaching

Coaching methodology

Gav meets his clients where they are at. He uses a needs-based approach to coaching using his CAUSES model focusing on the challenges and goals of his clients. His style is largely non-directive with mentoring on topics on request. He assists clients to realize what it is that they are striving for and to ensure that they are committed and passionate about their future.

He also uses the Personal Power process to guide the client from needs to action. His work is steeped in The Integral Model which provides a balanced approach to growth as well as 20 years experience in behavior re-patterning using a variety of tools from relationship building models to strategic techniques to Leadership tools.

Gav builds rapport and a place of safety very quickly which enables clients to go to places where they need to quite quickly and freely although at a pace they choose. Depending on the need of the client they can focus on a business or personal items through a mix of self, spiritual, somatic, interpersonal, moral, cognitive, and emotional issues.

Coaching experience

Gav has over 200 hours of coaching experience and he has coached a variety of diverse individuals and teams in the private sector from junior to middle to senior management as well as entrepreneurs and specialists.



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