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Gavin has worked with a wide variety of clients across industry segments on projects aimed at education, transforming and growing those businesses. His combination of commercial and psychological studies has helped in having insight into how businesses need to succeed as well as how to work with the human mind and their adaptation to their environments. Change Management has been a part of his own experience as well as supporting various businesses and organisations to transform and adapt to their circumstances.


Diploma in Coaching (Coaching Centre, Cape Town)
BCom(UniSA); (Clinical Psychology; Industrial Psychology; Business Economics)

Areas of competence

  • Several year's experience (starting in 1985) in line management i.e. leading an admin division of 7 people in an Old Mutual Branch.
  • Gavin has usedseveral change management methodologies, frameworks, tools and training courses and has implemented them in a variety of industry segments from Financial Services, Retail, and Airlines and in the Education Sector.
  • He has worked on change projects covering IT implementation, downsizing/retrenchments, process change, mergers and acquisitions, culture mergers and transformation /renewal projects - this has given him a good understanding of project processes people dynamics and the challenges that businesses have to deal with.
  • He has worked on various change projects, in roles which varied from very senior programme-level principal change management consulting to hands-on delivery roles within project teams.
  • He has excellent conceptual and communication skills, and can operate very effectively at senior levels, frequently crafting senior leadership communication, "ghost writing" for top leadership on large initiatives, facilitating executive workshops and coaching senior change leaders.
  • He can also communicate effectively at lower levels in organisations, often having managed large communication campaigns (and frequently also developing and/or delivering communication) that cut across the full spectrum of job levels.
  • Gavin has excellent trust-building ability, building rapport quickly, he facilitates with enthusiasm and passion for the affecting of sustainable change.
  • He has an exceptional ability to co-ordinate group processes and events required to ensure that change is managed and driven through all levels of the organisation.
  • Gavin has learnt that, in the field of change management, success can only be achieved through the combined energy, passion and commitment of leaders and teams - he is therefore strongly focused on teamwork and delivery of outcomes through the enablement of others, and places particular emphasis on playing a strong supportive role to project leadership.

Typical change management consulting and training engagements and roles

Change Management Consultant; Change Management Team Lead (since 1999)

  • Information technology implementations, and structural upgrades - Old Mutual 1999
  • Introduction of new organisational systems and processes - Old Mutual Bank 2000
  • Organisational restructuring - Old Mutual IT 2001/2
  • Implementation of an IT procurement system - British Airways 2002/2003
  • Mergers and acquisitions - Nedbank/BoE 2003/4; Old Mutual Fund Administration 2005/6
  • Process re-engineering - BoE 2009
  • Culture change Old Mutual Trust 1999 to 2002
  • Downsizing - Old Mutual IT 2007
  • Re-shaping a Division to become profitable - BoE 2011/2012
  • Transforming an Educational Institution from A-Z - 2013

Organisational Development Consultant; Project Leader

  • Development and Implementation of 360 Assessment Process
  • Development and Implementation 0f high performing teams
  • Development and implementation of strategic interventions

Other consulting roles

  • Coaching Leaders since 2010
  • Designing and Leading Leadership Programmes - 2004 to 2010
  • Delivering talks on change, leadership and stakeholder management

Other relevant information

Gavin is a Director and Shareholder of Capella House School in CapeTown. He is a qualified Toastmaster, Lifeline counsellor, Member of COMENSA and the International Association of Facilitators (he co-ordinated and chaired two international Africa Conferences). Gavin has attended a large variety of Workshops on change, transformation and working with people in coping with change.


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Fax +27 086 684 9967
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